BOHEMIAN BLOOM | Botanical Bath Salts

BOHEMIAN BLOOM | Botanical Bath Salts


A therapeutic blend of minerals from the Himalayas and Dead Sea, infused with dried botanicals for deep relaxation and detoxification.

Regular bathing helps detoxify the body on a cellular level as well as lower stress, which leads to clearer thinking and better sleep.

8 oz | 227 G glass jar

What You Should Know:

Truly natural- every ingredient we use is the highest of quality, natural, and certified organic (when available).  Free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, fillers, parabens and other artificial preservatives. All of our products are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

How To Use:

Pour desired amount into warm bath water. Submerge yourself and relax.

Full list of ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Rose Petals*, Chamomile Flowers*, Lavender Buds*, Helichrysum Flowers*, Calendula Flowers*, Yarrow Flowers*, Rosa/Pelargonium Graveolens (Rose/Geranium) Oil*

*Certified Organic

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