Capricorn New Moon 2018

The Capricorn New Moon is the first of the new year and will take place between January 16-17th.  Being the first lunar cycle of the year, it is especially important that we set our goals and intentions now so that we can begin to put in motion everything that we desire to manifest in the coming year.  This New Moon in Capricorn will be one of insight and guidance, so pay close attention to what you feel drawn to and allow your intuition to guide you.  May this new year and New Moon inspire you to believe in your self, take risks, overcome obstacles, let go of the past, and embrace the amazing, beautiful, unique being that you are.

Happy New Mooning!


1. Chose a crystal that you're most drawn to.

2. Purify your space and the crystal with Sage or Palo Santo.  

3. Find a comfortable seat and place your crystal in your left hand (this is your receiving hand).

4. Begin by taking three deep breaths.  On each exhale, imagine your body settling deeper and deeper into your space.

5.  Begin to picture what it is that you truly desire. What does that look like?  What does it feel like?  Imagine it to be real and already happening. 

6.  Continue to hold these thoughts in your mind for as long as you're comfortable doing so.  

7.  Repeat steps 1-6 at every New Moon or during any time of meditation.



O. W. L.