The benefits of oils for all skin types.

 It's important to understand that your skin needs a little bit of oil to be healthy, function properly, and act less oily.  As a licensed esthetician, I often see clients with oily/acneic skin overly washing and using harsh, drying ingredients in a desperate attempt to clear up excess shine and pimples.  It would seem logical to use products labeled as "oil-free" and "deep cleansing;" but, unfortunately, all of these types of ingredients are stripping the skin of its natural oils, thus resulting in even oilier complexions, more breakouts, and irritation.  Over time, a lack of oil on the skin can actually compromise your skin's natural barrier and potentially worsen or bring about further skin issues. This is why we developed our three part skin systems to include facial oils. 

 I know it can seem counterintuitive to put oil on oily skin, but certain oils like Jojoba are thought to mimic our skin's own sebum, resulting in the sebaceous glands producing less oil, thus leaving skin balanced and excess sebum at bay.  Our serums were formulated for the specific purpose of balancing and protecting the skin, treat and control acne, and to prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Because our oils contain a concentrated amount of nutrients and antioxidants, the results are fresh, healthy, happy skin.



HARMONY Facial Serum infuses skin with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants plus powerful anti-inflammatory's to transform problematic skin into clear, healthy, harmonious skin.  Because oily and acneic skin often lack moisture from the overuse of drying agents, we specifically formulated this product with a blend of oils that will help balance sebum production and unclog pores.  Suitable for combination, oily, and blemish-prone skin types.

RESTORE Facial Serum is a highly active face oil packed full of essential nutrients + powerful antioxidants to help repair damage done to the skins tissue by free radicals. Hydrates + revitalizes for brighter, more radiant looking skin. Suitable for most skin types.