Beauty ritual No. 2: Facial Steaming

For those of you who've had a professional facial, chances are the first thing your esthetician did (after your consultation, of course) was apply steam to your face.  Our skin naturally produces sebum for protection and lubrication, but when sebum becomes trapped in our follicles, breakouts can occur leaving us with blackheads.  The process of steaming warms and softens the surface layer of skin called the Stratum Corneum making dead skin cells, dirt, debris, and bacteria lift more freely from the pores giving you a deeper clean, and ultimately prepping the skin for better absorption of additional products like toners, serums and face masks.  

Because most of us don't always have the extra time or money to treat ourselves to regular facials, doing at home steaming is the next best thing and very beneficial.  Whenever you're feeling like your skin could use that little extra boost, treat yourself to a nurturing night at home with the following steaming ritual to help give your skin a fresh and healthy glow.

  • Begin by thoroughly cleansing your skin of any makeup or debris.

  • Place a small handful of WILDFLOWERS Botanical Facial Steam in a large glass bowl, and gently pour boiling water over the herbs until completely submerged. Allow a few minutes for the herbs to steep.

  • After the steam has cooled slightly, place your face over the bowl with a towel around your head to create a steam tent.

  • Allow the beautiful botanical's to steam your skin for 1-5 minutes. Please be mindful that it's hot water and to place your face far enough away so as not to not burn yourself.

  • Once you've steamed for your desired time, rinse your skin with clean, cool water, and gently pat dry.

  • Mist your face and decollete with WILD ROSE Complexion Mist to help tighten pores and balance your skin's pH.

  • Apply 3-10 drops of either HARMONY or RESTORE facial serums to clean hands and gently press into the skin. Using upward and outward motions, blend evenly over face.

  • For an added benefit, take the Rose quartz heart (included with WILDFLOWERS Botanical Facial Steam) and apply a couple of drops of oil onto the stone and gently glide stone along jaw line, between eyebrows, across forehead, or anywhere else you feel the stone could benefit. For acneic skin types, gently rub over blemishes to help ease inflammation and redness.

Disclaimer:  If you have severe or cystic acne, steaming can sometimes make matters worse.   Please check with your doctor before undergoing any professional or at-home steaming.

Benefits of Steaming:

  • Cleanses pores

  • Helps remove toxins

  • Enhances circulation by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissue leaving dull skin looking rosy.

  • Aids in relaxation

  • Leaves skin glowing