Cleansing the skin twice? Absolutely!

The concept of double cleansing has been around for centuries, and is a mainstay in most skincare practices around the world.  I was reintroduced to double cleansing six years ago while attending esthetics school, and have incorporated this practice into my own and my clients regime's as an important first step (or two) in maintaining good skin health.

The benefits of double cleansing are vast, especially if you wear makeup, use sunscreen (and I hope you are), or you live in a polluted climate.  Everyday you are exposed to airborne bacteria and pollution that is attracted to your skin, and if not removed properly, the resulting problems can be stubborn breakouts, pigmentation issues, or even prematurely aged skin. Ugh!  With double cleansing you can be assured you're getting rid of that excess gunk sitting on your skin that can potentially wreak havoc on your complexion. 

So what exactly is a double cleanse?  If you answered "washing your face twice," please continue reading for proper cleansing, as we don't want you drying out your skin with overuse of the same product. 

The process of double cleansing involves first using a cleansing oil on dry skin to breakdown excess sebum, makeup, SPF, and other environmental pollutants followed by a water-based cleanser to fully remove any last traces of debris left behind by the oil.  The results are thoroughly cleansed "detoxed" skin.  Another perk of doing a double cleanse is increased product absorption from your serums and/or moisturizers.  

At O.W.L. we designed ELEMENT Cleansing Oil to work synergistically with our PURITY Cleansing Water for an even deeper (and quicker) double cleanse.  Simple apply ELEMENT Cleansing Oil to dry skin and massage over face to dissolve makeup and impurities.  In place of water, dispense a couple of pumps of PURITY Cleansing Water into hands and massage around until a light, milky emulsion forms.  Rinse with lukewarm water, and follow with WILD ROSE Complexion Mist and one of our prescribed facial serums for your skin type. 

Available now is our PERFECT CLEANSING DUO, which features a full size PURITY Cleansing Water with pump and our ELEMENT Cleansing Oil.