Always apply facial oils to damp skin. Here's why....

Whether you are new to facial oils or a seasoned user, you've probably experienced some difficulty in determining how much to use and how to apply.  Because oils sink into the skin slower than lotions, a bit of experimentation to find the right method takes some practice.  However, one of the simplest methods I've come across is using a facial mist like our WILD ROSE Complexion Mist prior to applying oil. 

Facial oils applied to dry skin require more drops of oil, and take a bit longer to sink in.  Spritzing your skin with WILD ROSE Complexion Mist prior to the oil application not only helps the oil to penetrate the skin quicker, but the oil will lock the water into the skin, helping increase hydration levels sans greasiness.  The bottom line: applying oils to damp skin is easier - you will find you need much less oil and it will spread easily and absorb quickly. 

For the ultimate hydration without any unwanted shine, spritz face with our antioxidant-rich WILD ROSE Complexion Mist prior to applying HARMONY Clarifying Facial Serum or RESTORE Age-Defying Serum.  


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