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Treat, clear, & prevent unwanted blemishes & blackheads without drying your skin with our Daily Essentials Skin Clarifying Trio.  This gently trio will soothe and nourish in three simple steps. Cleanse, tone, and hydrate your way to a healthier complexion.

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Clean, clear, healthy skin is yours with our new Daily Essentials Skin Clarifying Trio.  Our super gentle, alcohol free Purity Cleansing Water is formulated for all skin types but is especially beneficial for sensitive and problematic skin while our Wild Rose Complexion Mist is packed full of antioxidants to help protect your skin and keep it glowing.  Complete your routine with our supercharged Harmony Facial Serum that is perfect for calming the skin, reducing redness, and healing blemishes. 

Gemstone skin tip: apply a tiny amount of oil to a piece of a Rose Quartz (preferably tumbled stones) and gently rub over blemishes to help ease inflammation and redness.  

Truly Natural- Every ingredient we use is the highest of quality, natural, and organic (when available).  All of our products are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, fillers, parabens and other artificial preservatives.

Truly Innovative-. We believe in the power of intention, which is why every product we produce is crafted and collected on each New Moon. We begin by suspending crystals into our liquids and oils which are then solar and moon infused for 28-30 days (a full lunar cycle) allowing the suns heat and the moons energy to synergize the stones with the formulations. Once the lunar cycle is complete (next New Moon), we carefully hand pour, label, and package each product.  Because crystals naturally vibrate at a higher frequency, the results are increased product penetration, performance, and energy.


Purity Cleansing Water- 4 oz

Wild Rose Complexion Mist- 4 oz

Harmony Facial Serum- 1 oz

$94 Value


Purity Cleansing Water- 2 oz

Wild Rose Complexion Mist- 2 oz

Harmony Facial Serum-  1 dram

$47 Value

Disclaimer:  Due to the natural coloring of Wild Rose Complexion Mist, color may vary or change over time.  This does not affect the quality or efficacy of this product.